Euphrates River

Euphrates River
   The Middle Euphrates river was a heavily fortified eastern frontier that bordered Sassanid Persia (qq.v.) until the Arab conquest of Byzantine Mesopotamia (q.v.) in 640. The Upper Euphrates, from the seventh through the ninth centuries, was a battleground between the Arabs and Byzantium (qq.v.). The fortresses of Kamacha and Keltzene formed the core of the theme of Mesopotamia (qq.v.) in the ninth century. In the 10th century, John Kourkouas, Nikephoros II Phokas, John I Tzimiskes, and Basil II (qq.v.) reestablished the empire's borders at the Euphrates once more. Melitene (q.v.) was reconquered in 934, Hierapolis was recaptured in 974, and Samosata (q.v.) once more fell under Byzantine dominion. However, by the end of the 11th century, the region was again lost, this time to the Seljuks (q.v.).

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